What I Specialise in

Self Help

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Do you feel that you are just stuck surviving each day? You deserve to thrive. I specialise in anxiety, however there are many areas of mental health distress I can help you with. Below I have listed areas that I have extensive experience with and work with frequently.



If you feel stuck in overthinking and struggle to breathe, if you find yourself avoiding things you used to be able to do and now just can’t, you may be experiencing anxiety.

Anxiety can take place in many forms from overthinking, perfectionism, worrying about everything, work stress to OCD and panic attacks. If you feel every day the overwhelming pressure of just trying to survive, please get in touch today. I will show you how to feel that you can breathe and be present in the moment. I will help you find the space to feel that you can think clearly, effectively and make the right decisions for you. You will learn healthy coping skills that will work with you for life. You will gain back control of your life that allows you to thrive and progress forward.



Trauma is a normal response to an abnormal event and is a stress response that remains frozen in time within you. I can provide you a grounded presence where you can begin to explore your trauma whilst feeling heard and safe. I will teach you trauma informed grounding techniques and awareness exercises in the here and now so that you can start to feel safe. You will learn to recognise your resources and skills and to build on those in a way that supports you. You will learn how to regulate emotions and feel present in the here and now rather than shackled to your trauma.

Work with Rachel McCormick

I have helped a number of clients on their journey and recognise that the client/counselor relationship is an important one to get right. A short discovery call would let me see if we are a fit and ensure that I could help you work on your challenges.


Self esteem

Do you feel you struggle with confidence and are always afraid of trying something new? If the fear of failure overwhelms you, keeps you ‘stuck’ please get in contact today. Let me help you boost your self-esteem, find your voice and build your trust in you. You deserve good things in life and don’t have to ‘earn’ them or be ‘perfect’. I am here to help you achieve a life that is full of progress, contentment and being ‘good enough’.


Stress management/Burnout

Stress is something we all experience at times. Most of the time it is a natural reaction to an event and is a short-lived emotion. However, stress can become very debilitating and have a significant impact on every aspect of our lives and health. We can start to become very irrational and feel out of control which can lead us to withdraw or push even harder to compensate. I can help you understand what is causing your stress and the current triggers. You will learn effective strategies that will reduce the impact stress is having on your life and health that will provide long lasting results.