When working with individuals via online counselling or meeting in person, my goal is to provide space for you to share your story and reflect on your life in a way that feels safe and supported.

Face to Face

Face-To-Face Counselling

Duration – 50/55mins long | £70

Face to face sessions take place in my office at the Village Community Centre, East Kilbride. There is ample parking available. My office is private, secure, calming and confidential.

Online Counselling

Duration – 50/55mins long | £70

Telehealth is becoming increasingly popular for the convenience and ease it offers in accessing counselling. I offer online counselling using video conferencing.

Walk and Talk Therapy

Walk and Talk Therapy

Duration – 50/55mins long | £70

Walk and talk therapy is a form of psychotherapy that incorporates walking outdoors whilst we explore and talk about the issues that are impacting you.

Moving in outdoor spaces can sometimes feel less intense, more manageable and easier to be with. I also use the space to teach and practise with you, grounding techniques such as mindfulness or deep breathing to help centre you in the here and now. These techniques and resources can be practised out with the therapy session. Walk and Talk therapy can facilitate positive improvement in many mental health conditions including anxiety, depression and stress.

Walk and Talk FAQs

Initial assessment is done in my office and if we both feel walk and talk would be beneficial for you then we then establish when and where we will walk. Most routes will either be circular or there and back. Some routes will give the opportunity to sit and reflect, some clients prefer this.

I will check out the route in advance and any changes to the weather, I am happy to walk in most weathers.

If you are uncomfortable with the weather forecast, we can move our session into my office or online. I would generally only cancel if the weather would impede our ability to hear each other due to hoods being up or umbrellas restricting what we could see which is important in our therapy sessions.

Before our first session outdoors I will discuss with you how confidentiality can be implemented outdoors and will also be explained in my consent forms.

It is important for you to reflect on the possibility of others overhearing or witnessing you becoming emotional. I will do what I can to minimise this however I cannot remove the possibility of this happening.

If you enjoy being outdoors and wish to begin therapy, this may be a good option to consider. If you wish to incorporate more exercise and fresh air but struggle to find time to fit it in, this may be a good fit for you. Some people prefer the idea of walking side by side rather than face to face.

If the ideal of traditional therapy settings feels daunting or unappealing you may enjoy this alternative approach.

No, the pace will be set by you as much as possible. I will keep track of time and be mindful about when it we must be back at cars/starting point. If you have any medical concerns, please discuss with your G.P.

Yes, my fees are the same across the board.

My Process

Know More About The Therapeutic Process

Step 1

Reach out to me and I'll be in touch within 24 hours (weekend enquiries will be replied to on Mondays).

You will book an assessment with me either at my office or online. Your needs will be assessed, treatment recommendations will be provided and I will answer any questions you might have. We will also establish if we are the right fit for each other.

Step 2

Based on your needs, we’ll meet weekly or biweekly. You will learn strategies and build resources to improve your mood, relationships, performance and health.

Step 3

Periodically we will review your treatment plan during the session and assess where you're at in meeting your goals. We’ll tweak things as needed to further improve your mood, performance and over well-being

Case Studies

I have had the honour and privilege of helping individuals achieve their goals and thrive in life for many years. I have experienced countless situations of success and seeing people grow and share their positive outcomes.

Below you will find a sample of cases where a client has given me permission to share their experience. All identifying information has been changed to protect confidentiality.

Overwhelmed and relying on unhealthy habits to cope?

Last year John contacted me seeking help for feelings of being overwhelmed and numb. He was in his mid-thirties and had been increasingly using alcohol to cope. 

When was the last time you felt you could breathe?

Helen contacted me due to experiencing panic attacks that were becoming more frequent. Helen was in her late 20’s and had been working a full-time job whilst undertaking more studies to further her career.

Rachel McCormck

Frequently Asked Questions

I use Zoom which is a confidential and secure video conferencing platform. This is free for you to sign up for if you do not have it. Before each session I will issue you a zoom link via email and all you have to do is click on it. This will admit you to my virtual waiting room where I will then admit you at the start of your session.

It is important to consider the space that you will use for your online session. It needs to offer you a quiet space that is confidential. Some clients choose their lounge, bedroom, home office or a private meeting room at work.

Please ensure that you have access to reliable WIFI or phone reception for the duration of your session. Poor connection can be disruptive and impact the time spent focusing on you.

Payment is required before each session in order to secure the booking. Bank transfer is preferable although cash is accepted. Invoices are provided.

My office is based in East Kilbride Village. The address is 12 Maxwell Drive, The Village, East Kilbride, Glasgow G74, 4HG.

I am registered on google maps to help with directions if needed.

I work Monday to Thursdays and my office hours are between 9am to 10pm. I will respond to new enquiries within 24 hours and new enquiries over the weekend will be responded to by Monday.